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How to pay your water and sewer bill

  • MAIL your payment to 6723 S 124th St., Seattle, WA 98178.

  • IN-PERSON payments are also accepted at 6723 S 124th St, Seattle WA 98178 between 7:30am and 4:00pm. 

  • AFTER-HOURS DROP BOX is conveniently located at the southwest corner of the building, adjacent to the flag pole. Please do not leave cash payments in the drop-box.

  • AUTO PAY is also available for your convenience. With Auto Pay, you can save on postage, pay your bill even when you're out of town, and never have to worry about your payment getting lost in the mail. You will still receive a bi-monthly bill regularly. Then, on the due date, the total balance due will be automatically deducted from your checking account. The payment will show on your bank statement as a regular transaction. To sign-up, complete and return an Auto Pay Authorization form along with a voided check. Upon receipt of the above items, a prenote will be sent to your bank to verify your account information. (Please allow a minimum of two weeks for enrollment.) That's it! Your next bill will be paid via automatic withdrawal. AUTO PAY FORM
  • SECURE WEB PAYMENTS AND PAY-BY-PHONE. Phone and Online payments are now accepted using Master, Visa, or E-check. 

For E-checks or ACH payments, your Bank Routing and Checking/Savings account number must be correct, or it will be returned. Fees are assessed on all returned payments. Please verify your information.

To use the automated Pay-By-Phone system, CALL 206-761-1183.



Past due payments must be received in our office by 4:00 PM on the date of your final shut off notice. Please bring your payment directly to the District Office to avoid disconnection of service.

We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, MasterCard and Visa.




We recently learned that some third-party online bill payment service providers have designed their websites to appear like Skyway’s payment web page, using the District’s logo, contact information and reputation to market their services to potential customers. They are NOT affiliated with Skyway! We do not require that our customers use a separate third-party bill payment service to pay their bill online. These companies frequently charge an additional service fee for your payment, and posting of the payment to your Skyway account may be delayed. If payment is delayed, it may result in late fees being assessed to your account, or your account may be subject to water shut-off or sewer lien.

Skyway Water and Sewer District offers online bill payment through a secure portal on our website: www.skywayws.orgThe District does not charge a fee for online bill payments through our website or phone payments.


If you have any questions, please call our office at 206-772-7343

Bills are delinquent if not paid by the due date. Delinquent accounts are subject to late penalties, service charges, disconnection and or property lien.

How Can I Get Help with My Bill?

Turn-offs and Property Liens

Accounts that are over 60-days delinquent will generate a Past Due Notice. If the Past Due Notice is unpaid, a Final Shut-off Notice or a Property Lien Notice will be sent . A water shut off date or lien filing date will be indicated on this notice. It is extremely important that you note this final date as no further notices will be given. If payment is not received by 4:00 PM on the due date indicated, water will be shut off to your property or a property lien will be filed. Additional Charges of $60 for accounts scheduled for water turn off or $18 Lien Filing Fee and will be levied on the account. A subsequent fee of $18 is charged to release the lien. Water service will not be restored or the property lien will not be released until the past due portion of the account and the added fees have been paid in full.

Inherited Balances from Previous Owners

Unlike other utilities, water and sewer charges are associated with the property rather than with the occupant who incurs the charges. Although a final bill is generated for the previous owner, if left unpaid, this responsibility is inherited by the new property owner (RCW 57.08.080).

Discounted rates for Senior and Disabled Customers

To qualify, you or your spouse must be low-income, 62 years of age or older, or on SSI Disability. Your maximum gross income must not exceed the limits noted on the rate Discount form. Annual renewal is required.

Download a Rate Discount Form

Leak Adjustments

Leaks that occur on the customer side of the meter are the property owner's responsibility to repair. However, you may be eligible for a one-time partial adjustment to your water bill. Adjustments will be calculated on the difference between the wholesale and retail water rate of the excess (above average) water consumption for the billing period in which the leak occurred. ***No Toilet Leaks will be considered***

Download a Leak Adjustment form

Vacancy Rate

Is your property going to be temporarily vacant for a long time (minimum of four months)? If so, you may qualify for the District's Vacancy Rate. Click on the link below for more information and to download the application form.

Download a Vacancy Rate Application form

Bi-Monthly Water and Sewer Rates

The rates, fees, charges and penalties for water and sewer connections, service and related service items, are established primarily on a cost of service basis. Cost of service rates allocate costs to single family, commercial and multi-family customer classes based on the demand they place on the water and sewer systems.

Rates are in effect as of January 1, 2024.

Monthly Water Meter Charge

Meter Size

Single Family Residential (SFR) SFR Discount
5/8" x 3/4"   26.21 18.34
1"   61.66 43.16
1 1/2" 120.83 84.57
Bi-Monthly Volume Blocks (SFR)
0 - 800 cf 5.82 per 100 cu. ft.
900 - 1200 cf 7.38 per 100 cu. ft.
1300 - 2400 cf 9.29 per 100 cu. ft.
Over 2400 cf 11.85 per 100 cu. ft.
Monthly Bi-Monthly Volume Blocks per 100 cubic feet (ccf)  
Meter Size Meter Charge Commercial/Institutional     Multi-Family             Irrigation       
5/8"x3/4" 39.51 8.39 8.13 28.35
1" 86.86
1 1/2" 187.83
2" 299.09
3" 595.95
4" 929.48
6" 1856.50
Single Family $100.00
Multi-Family & Commercial 200.00 plus costs
Meter Same Side With Crossing
5/8" X 3/4" 3,100 3,800
1" 3,300 4,000
Meter Local Regional Total
5/8" X 3/4" 7,489 7,454 14,943
1" 18,721 18,635 37,356
1 1/2" 37,443 37,270 $74,713
2" 59,909 59,632 119,541
3" 112,332 119,264 231,596
4" 187,218 $186,350 373,568
6" 374,436 372,700 747,136
8" 599,099 596,320 $1,195,419
Monthly Rates Volume Rate per 100 Cu Ft
  Single Family
Single Family Residential Discount Multi-Family, Commercial, Institutional
King County DNR 55.11 55.11 18.60
District 63.87 29.05
Total Fee 118.98 84.16
Single Family $100.00
Multi-Family & Commercial $200.00 plus costs
Non-Right of Way Connection
Single Family $250.00
Multi-Family $250.00 first unit, plus $10.00 per additional unit
Commercial $250.00 plus $.02 per sq. ft. structure
Right of Way Connection
Permit Fee $750.00
(Includes King County Right of Way Permit and 2 hours minimum inspection fees. Inspectors over 2 hours will be billed upon permit close.)
Meter Size Amount
5/8" X 3/4" 7929
1" 19,826
1 1/2" 39,652
2" 63,444
3" 118,954
4" 198,260
5" 396,520
6" 634,433

APPLICATION FEE: $6,000.00 (Deposit)

Property owner or developer shall pay all District costs in excess of application fee, including administration, engineering, legal permits and inspections plus 15%. A refund will be issued upon project closeout if the deposit exceeds costs. Delinquent accounts shall accrue interest at a rate of not more than the District's bank rate plus four percentage points per year.

This page does not reflect a complete listing of the District's established rates, charges, policies and procedures for water and sewer services and connections. Certain properties, depending on location, may be subject to additional costs and connection requirements.

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