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January 11, 2014FOG in the Sewer

Did you know that FAT, OIL, AND GREASE or F-O-G is the number one cause of sewer backups in homes, apartments and food service establishments? Even a small amount of FOG in drains can cause serious (and expensive) plumbing blockage or overflows. The District receives trouble calls throughout the year due to sewer blockages caused by FOG. The most effective method for controlling FOG in wastewater is simply not to let it go down the drain, garbage disposal or toilet.

Dispose of FOG by pouring it into an old jar, coffee can or plastic bag. When full, seal it and put it in the garbage. Restaurants, apartment complexes and commercial establishments may or should have grease traps or interceptors that keep grease out of the sewer system. For a grease trap or interceptor to work properly, it must be properly designed, installed and maintained. Be cautious of chemicals and additives (including soaps and detergents) that claim to dissolve grease. Some of these additives simply pass grease down pipes where it can clog up the sewer lines in another area.

If you have specific questions or would like more information regarding FOG disposal and management, please give us a call at 206-772-7343.

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